RIW Group Coordinator Veniamin Popov and his deputy Elana Eshba have visited Dagestan State University. They were greeted by its head, Murtazali Rabadanov.

During the visit which took place on November 13 Veniamin Popov and Elaba Eshba met with the graduate students and staff of the History and Oriental Studies Faculties.

He explained that the RIW Group established a youth club that promotes dialogue and partnership between cultures and civilizations. It will publish research by young people on interaction between different cultures and civilizations.

The Islamic world needs new leaders, and the Young Leader Academy that is expected to launched soon will play a leading role in it.

Our graduates would have to work hard to prevent and contain extremist ideas. We need new leaders, he emphasized.


Mr. Popov praised Dagestan as a unique region.

you must be proud of the biggest asset -that’s your deep historical roots. we must use it for a good cause. the future is in the hands of the younger generation.

The visit comes on the heels of the Fourth Annual RIW Group meeting that was held in Dagestan.