The forum is being held in Moscow at Congress-Park “Volynskoe”.

The event was attended by 57 journalists and representatives of the international media from 14 countries: Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Kuwait, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and Russia. There are 30 foreign journalists and 27 Russian participants among the participants.

The problem of terrorism and extremism today stands sharply on the agenda.

The fight against this phenomenon, which is widespread nowadays, should be done, first of all, in the information field, because the idea of the permissibility of killing people and committing acts of intimidation, acts of terror is much more dangerous than the terroristic acts themselves.

The purpose of the event is to discuss the information policy of the Russian and Muslim media in the fight against this disease of the 21st century.
Strengthening of the cooperation and coordination in the media in countering extremism in all its forms is the main task of this conference.

The following speakers have taken part in the opening plenary session: Ambassador, Candidate of Historical Sciences Vladimir Popov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs M.L.Bogdanov, Professor, Dr. of Science, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaliy Vyacheslavovich Naumkin, Orientalist, Chief of external communications service of the channel «Russia Today» Anna Belikova, Senior Scientist in the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian philosopher and expert of Islam, a specialist in classical Arab-Muslim philosophy and Islamic theology, Professor Ibrahim Tawfiq, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Scientist in the Institute of Oriental Studies Nikolay Sukhov, President of the International Club of Middle East Studies (IMES Maria Dubovikova.

The conference will be held two days, 8 and 9 of December.


1. Hamdy Handal El Sayed Mohamed – Vice president, “Al-Gumhuriya”, egyptian newspaper .
2. Essam Mohamed Abouelnasr – Deputy chief editor, “Al-Akhbar”, egyptian newspaper .
3. Gamil Mohamed Said Mohamed Afifi – Deputy chief editor, “Al-Ahram”, egyptian newspaper.
4. Monem Mokhtar – “Al-Youm Al-Sabe’a”, newspaper.
5. Nabil Zaki Lotfi – Observer, “Al Akhbar”, Egyptian newspaper.
6. Ahmed Hassan Moustafa – Observer, blogger, Member of Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (, Socio-economic Specialist/Researcher/, Legal Translator member of EGYTA, International Law Association (ILA) Coordinator in Egypt

7. Amir Mohebiyan – Director, Information Agency “Arya”.
8. Mosayeb Naimi – Managing Director, “Al Vefagh”, newspaper.
9. Seyed Rasoul Mousavi — Ambassador of Iran

10. Samira Frimeche – Correspondent, “Al-Nahar”, weekly Kuwait’s newspaper.
11. Ossama Elsayed Mohamed Abouelseoud – Journalist, “Al Anbaa” newspaper

12. Hakan Aksay – Observer, Turkish online newspaper “T 24”.
13. Faruk Mercan – Director General “TV Channel KanalTurk”

14. Sayed hashim Zabihullah – Journalist at Kabul

15. Abdelhafidh Harguem – Chief editor, «Leaders Arabiya» newspaper

16. Mohammad Al Bishari – Chairman, Institute of Ibn Sina, deputy chairman, International Union for the consolidation of peace in the Islamic communities.
17. Bouchra DDeau – radio “Plus”
18. Lahcen Aouad – “Le Matin” newspaper
19. Ahmed Najim – site
20. Said Raihani – Chief Editor “Al usbu of Al-Suhuf”


21. BrahimTakheroubt – Director of “L’Expression” newspaper
22. Gassouma Sofiane – Head of International Department of “Algeriepatriotique”

23. Shehab Makahleh – Correspondent, UAE English-language newspaper “Gulf News”
24. Mohamed Elnair Mohamed Elnour – journalist, Sudanese newspaper “Al Ilyaf”

25. Zahid Hussain – “Dawn” newspaper

26. Salem Zahran – Observer, “Al-Jumhuriyah”, Lebanese newspaper commentator on “OTV” and “LBC” channels
27. Nasib Huteit – professor of Lebanon University, member of Lebanese Journalists Union and Arabic Journalists Association
28. Abdallah Jabril, Editor-in-chief of «Ath-Thabat» newspaper

29. Ahmad Daua – Syrian state news agency “SANA”