Gaddafi refused to do the bidding of famous bankers who control the world economics and politics in six prospects. The first was when Qaddafi wanted to form an African Union with a Common Currency, which means no more transactions in the American dollar and the other European currencies in Africa. This will negatively affect the deals with the West regarding oil purchases. He wanted to have an African bank to develop Africa. He sought to turn Africa into a powerful continent and to cease dependence on the World Bank and the International monetary Fund for funding its projects. He wanted to have gold-oil formula rather than dollar-gold equation which was in favor of the west.

The second is that he was the person in charge of Central Bank of Libya. In other words, all deals with other countries should be approved by him. Any financial transactions with other countries should go through him. The third is that Libya has gold reserves estimated at 150 tons until end of 2010. The fourth is that Qaddafi preferred to go east rather than west in oil industries. Qaddafi had sufficient oil which would help the EU to be independent and not to rely heavily on oil imported from the Gulf and Gas from Russia. The fifth is the Blue-Gold’ Water Reserves, which is about 500 miles of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System which lies beneath Libyan ground. At that time, Libyan potable water was purchased in large quantities from the Europeans, mainly France. This aquifer project would incur heavy losses on the western water firms. He was buying water from the EU and then he had the great river water from underground resources which is similar to Baikal Lake in Siberia in quality.

These were the reasons for killing both Qaddafi and former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein due to their natural resources including oil. This justifies why Qaddafi and Hussein were brutally killed; yet this does not apply to North Korean leader whose country is closer to the USA and would threaten its borders with non-conventional weapons. The reason is that North Korea is not rich with natural resources as Iraq and Libya.